Management Resources

Better Understand and Work with an Ever-Changing Workplace

Managing and supervising people can be a difficult position.  EAC offers management resources and tools to assist Human Resource professionals, managers and supervisors to help them better understand and work with an ever-changing workplace and the challenges that it presents.

Leadership Development

Supervisors in business today need technical know-how and people expertise. By developing the leadership skills of your management team, your organization will be better equipped to achieve stated performance outcomes. To be effective, supervisors need to develop the ability to communicate, manage and resolve conflict and lead their teams through times of change.

Let us consult with you about the various ways we can assist you in developing your leaders.

Conflict Resolution

Tension Intervention - Have you ever asked yourself - Why can’t people just get along? Isn’t there a way to put an end to workplace gossip?

Or maybe, you’ve held a training on a workplace topic, but after the training, the problem still exists?

Tension Intervention is aimed at resolving conflict between two people at work. It follows a proven process to end personality based feuds and move people from being adversaries to allies; putting an end to the bickering and complaining, infighting and back biting. Employees won’t dread coming to work because the underlying tension on the team is gone.