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How to Achieve the Work/Life Balance You Desire

work life balance

By Cynthia May, MA, LLP, EAC Clinical Specialist – Would you like to create more emotional balance in your life?  Do you feel that sometimes the demands of work do not allow you to have the work/life balance you desire?  There is a way to achieve this balance!

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to change the work tasks assigned to us to balance out our day.  However, you do develop strengths to be able to do your job well.   What are those particular strengths that you utilize on the job?

  • Are you proficient in being focused and responsive?
  • Are you good at time management and schedules?
  • Is attention to tiny details necessary to do your job?
  • Do you need to make many phone calls or talk to people?

Whatever strength has been developed, tends to carry on to our home lives.  The trick to creating a balance in our lives is to first recognize if you do those same patterns with your family or friends.  Second, begin choosing activities that are the opposite of what’s needed at work.  It’s the “antidote” that can bring the fulfillment to every day and/or week.

For example, if you work under deadline pressures, maybe you can participate in an activity you can do at your own pace and time (and forget about the clock!)  Or, maybe if you feel you spend too much time caring for others, perhaps you can give yourself permission to do something just for yourself, without apologizing.

It is important to schedule time for fun, for it allows you to rest and recharge.  Use your “play time” to fill the discrepancies inherent in your “work time.”

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