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Nature Reduces Stress Levels

fall forest nature

By: Karen R. Thompson, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – If you are looking for a simple way to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression – take a walk in the woods!  Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and increase overall feelings of well-being. There is a growing body of research showing that spending time in nature has beneficial effects and can reduce psychological and physical symptoms of stress.  Exposure to nature not only helps you feel better emotionally, but can also improve your health by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.    It can also help boost immunity!

Researchers found that even just spending ten minutes outside in nature can lead to beneficial effects on stress levels. The research confirms the healing and restorative effects of nature on the mind and body.

So, make getting outside in nature part of your overall stress management plan! Fall is a great time for spending time outdoors taking in the beautiful fall colors.

If it would be helpful to talk to someone about your stress and help you find additional ways to cope, please reach out to EAC!  We’re here to help!

“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

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