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In-Car Counseling: What Is It And Does It Work?

in-car counselingBy: Cynthia May, MA, LLP. Clinical Specialist –

Our society has been adapting to prevent the spread of Covid-19 for many months now. At the same time, EAC has had to adapt its counseling practices. Since in-person counseling can pose added safety risks, EAC offers easy, alternative ways of counseling through our virtual options.

Using the virtual counseling options (phone or video), I have come up with the term, “in-car counseling”. In-car counseling allows for a private counseling session where you’ll have your own personal comfy space, a heater to set at your own personal comfort zone, and can connect to your own Wi-Fi for a virtual face-to-face video therapy session on your smartphone or tablet. I have had several married couples decide to have their therapy sessions this way, while their babysitter was inside caring for their children. It has worked quite well!

What if your Wi-Fi is spotty? If so, you have the option to schedule your counseling appointment over the phone.

Don’t have time after work? If you have an hour lunch break, just grab your lunch, hop in your car, and complete your appointment over your lunch hour.

EAC’s video software platform is HIPAA compliant and simple to use. Your EAC counseling sessions are free to you and anyone in your household. We’re now conducting more virtual sessions than ever before! Why not give it a try? It’s a more flexible and efficient use of your time to receive support and guidance, without needing to navigate traffic or allow for travel time.

If you’ve been thinking about how counseling could assist you (yet a bit hesitant), a video or phone session may be a more comfortable method for you to begin – whether at home, in your parked car or another private setting. Call EAC today at 1-800-227-0905 or email us at to schedule your appointment.

We are here to help.

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