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National Relaxation Day

Did you know that in physics and chemistry, relaxation is a concept that refers to the movement of a system or a process from a state of disorder or disruption to equilibrium?

National Relaxation Day is observed annually on August 15th. It is time to slow down, unwind and relax! National Relaxation Day is an important day, as we all need a break from the fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles we live.  We need to incorporate relaxation into more than just one day; we need it every day.

Here is a practice you can incorporate into every day.

Focus on your breath. 
Take five minutes (set your timer on your mobile phone if you like) to drop your shoulders and pay attention to your breath. That’s it! Just focus on your breath for five minutes.  Maybe you do this in the morning as you prepare for the day, mid-day to take break or at the end of the day before you go to sleep. Your thoughts will start creeping in; send them on their way and go back to your breath.

Now, many of you may say, “I do NOT have time.” Entertain this thought:  If I had a close friend who asked me for 5 minutes today, would I say no or yes? Please treat yourself with the same companion and kindness.

Mediation is like muddy water in a glass. Let to stand little by little, the sediment sinks to the bottom and the water becomes clear. It helps us clear out our mind.

Do you have a meditation or relaxation practice that you find helpful?  Please share in the comments below.

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