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Follow Your Dream

Once there was an eagle’s nest with four beautiful eggs perched on the side of a mountain. An earthquake occurred causing one of the eggs to roll out of the nest and down the mountain side.  It landed in the middle of a chicken farm below.  The chickens gathered around the egg and decided they would take care of it. One old hen volunteered to sit on the egg and soon it hatched.  Out came a beautiful baby eagle.  The chickens raised the eagle like all the other baby chicks.  One day, when the eagle was out playing in the yard with the other chicks, he looked up into the sky and saw a group of eagles soaring above.

He said out loud, “I wish I could soar like that.”

The chickens laughed.  “You can’t soar,” they said. “You’re a chicken and chickens can’t fly.”

Day after day, the eagle would be in the yard and noticed the family of eagles soaring above, his real family.  Each time, he said how much he wanted to fly like that, the chickens would laugh and tell him it wasn’t possible.  As the years passed, the eagle gave up on his dream and eventually died with the chickens, never knowing he was an eagle and could soar up in the air.

What’s the moral of the story?  We all have dreams inside of us; we were all born to fulfill a higher purpose.  If we let those around us talk us out of our dreams, we will die never realizing what we could become.  So today, I encourage you to follow your dream and stop listening to the people around you who say it can’t be done.

“All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs”  –Tony Robbins


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