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Focus on the Positive

You are probably familiar with the Japanese proverb Fall down seven times, stand up eight.  In other words, continue to try.  Too many people give up when success doesn’t come quickly enough.  In her book, Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine, author Michelle Steffes says, “Imagine your success journey as a train. Unless you begin pouring in coal or wood, the train will never have the energy to move to it’s next destination….the actions for growth you take each day are the coal or fuel.”

It is important to focus on positive messages.  The world is filled with negativity. Put into place practices that encourage and empower you each day, all day.  Here is how you can begin:

Start with your morning routine.  Instead of turning on the news or checking e-mail or social media, listen to a positive message from Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, or Wayne Dyer (just to name a few inspirational speakers).  Perhaps, read the Bible or other positive writing.

At midday, fill your mind with affirmations such as: I am confident. I am patient, tolerant and diplomatic. I am kind. All is well in my world. (What to Say you When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D ) is a wonderful resource.

At dinnertime with your family, talk about all the good things that happened.

Then, before you go to bed, write in your gratitude journal.

What is your daily routine that fills your engine to keep you on track to success? Please post it below.

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