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How Gratitude Affects Adaptability

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when your plans change?  Even if it’s just a slight change to your schedule, it can be frustrating and emotional, especially when new situations throw us a curve ball.

Fortunately, gratitude allows us the ability to adapt to changing and challenging situations when they arise.  By learning to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, we can slowly become more aware to the positive sides of almost all situations.  That might sound overly passive, but the focus on that, rather than being overly stressed when plans change, sounds much more appealing!

Gratitude isn’t just blind positivity.  When you zero in on what you’re grateful for, you are able to take in the beauty around you, in all circumstances, no matter how trivial they may seem.

As Ian Lawton states in his blog post:

“Adaptability is key to change, and gratitude is key to adaptability because you see the gift in every time and place.’

Change is constant, but how we respond to it can make a world of difference.

There are only 18 days left in this year. My challenge to you is to focus on gratitude when circumstances arise that throw you for a loop. Does it help your stress level and response to those situations? Post your response here.

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