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21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving is 21 days from today.  Will you join me in a 21 day gratitude challenge?

Here is how it works:

Open a new Word document, page in your journal or note file on your mobile device.

Title it: Gratitude List.

Each day, between now and November 22, 2018, identify one person you can be grateful for or say thank you to.  Write their name on your list and then write the action you will take to express gratitude.  Will you send a card, write a note, call them on the phone, post online or buy them a cup of coffee and enjoy a conversation?  Whatever you decide, write it down and take the action.

On Thanksgiving day, you can review your list and feel great about all the goodwill you’ve created in a world that is in desperate need.  Who knows, maybe you’ll continue this through the holidays and in 2019.

I’d love to hear how it goes.  Post your comments here.

One thought on “21 Day Gratitude Challenge”

  1. Betsy Makepeace Simpson says:

    What a wonderful idea, Leslie. Count me in.

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