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Are You Accessing All Your Strength?

Just before dusk, on the last night of an end-of-summer camping trip, a young boy and his father were walking through the woods. They walked and talked together for some time until they came across a fallen tree branch on the ground in front of them. The boy cheerfully ran ahead and called back to his dad, “Do you think I could move that branch?” His father replied, “I know you can, if you use all your strength.”

The boy grabbed the branch and struggled with trying to lift or push it in any direction, but the branch was heavy and long. The boy paused, then pushed one last time as hard as he could before he slumped over. He let out a deep sigh and said, “You were wrong, Dad. I’m just not strong enough to move it.”

“Try again,” replied his father.

Again, the boy tried hard to move the branch. No matter how much he struggled, it did not budge.
“Dad, I cannot do it,” said the frustrated boy.

Finally, his father got down close to him and gently said, “Son, I advised you to use all your strength. You didn’t. You didn’t ask for my help.”

Every day, many of us face difficult situations, and much like this young boy, we need to access all our strength and ask for help. Are you accessing the help that is available to you via your Employee Assistance Program? If not, I would encourage you to call today to schedule your free, confidential assessment.

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