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Focus on Your Strengths

I recently volunteered to be a part of a group dialog with other business professionals about leadership, management and accountability. As part of the process, my staff were invited to give anonymous feedback in 10 different areas.  I also ranked myself in the same 10 areas. The group’s facilitator then recapped all the information into a two-page report that we reviewed together.

When I received the written report, my eyes immediately looked for any gaps between my ranking and my staff’s. The facilitator and I discussed these areas, and he helped me create a plan for improvement.  He then asked me about my area of strength.

We had a conversation about how to use what my team and I both identified as my strengths to make our workplace better. The facilitator commented that most people focus on what they need to improve and not where they are already strong.  He also emphasized how important it is to use our areas of strength to help create the improvements needed for a better workplace.

Here’s my question to you:  when you receive feedback, where do you focus?  Do you focus on what you need to do better or on what’s already good?  Post your comments here.

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