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How Do You Make a Change?

Several times a week, I have the opportunity to present on a variety of topics to our client companies. Typically, I invite participants to identify one change they’d like to make as the result of my talk, write it down and share it with another person.  Lately, a lot of people are asking a question similar to, “How do we stay committed to the change we want to make when life gets busy?” One person put it this way: “I start out well, making the change I want to make, and after a couple of weeks, I get busy and forget to do what I want to do as the result of a training or workshop I’ve attended.”

Part of the way we make change in our lives is to stay focused on the change we want to make by keeping it in front of us, until it gets to be habit.

Here are some steps that will help:

1) Write down what we want to do differently. Be as specific as possible.

2) Post it where you will see it several times a day. You may need to make a few copies – one for the bathroom mirror, one for the car, one for your workspace, etc.

3) Share it with someone (often referred to as an accountability partner)

4) Evaluate at the end of the day. Did you stay on track? If not what got in your way? The key here is to avoid beating yourself up if you derailed.

Remember tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to begin again. What tricks or tips do you have to make a change?  Please post them here.

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