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Searching for Paradise

Many years ago, there was a man who lived in a small town with his wife and two children. He had heard of a place called Paradise that he wanted to visit. It was a place of peace and harmony; a place of comfort and care. Each morning, as he ate his breakfast, he dreamed of going to Paradise. One morning, he decided to stop dreaming and travel to find Paradise.

He left his house, went down the broken garden path, and set out walking in the direction he had been told laid Paradise. He traveled for three days. At the end of each day, when evening came and he laid down to sleep, he put his shoes in the direction he was traveling. In the morning, when he got up, he carefully inserted his feet into his shoes and began walking in the same direction, searching for Paradise. On the third evening, he accidentally kicked his unofficial compass 180 degrees. When he got up the next morning, he carefully put his feet in his shoes and began walking.

Three days later, he came to a ridge and looked down on a little town. This must be Paradise! He’d made it. He thought it looked vaguely familiar, but he wrote it off as just coincidence. As he entered the town, everyone greeted him by name. “Why not?” he thought, “This is Paradise.” At the end of town, he came upon a house. He walked down the broken garden path. As he stood at the door, he could smell the aroma of his favorite meal. When he entered the house, two children came running up and wrapped their arms around his legs, shouting, “Daddy, Daddy.” “Why not” he thought, “This is Paradise.” His wife came and welcomed him home and served him the wonderful meal she’d been preparing. “Why not?” he thought, “This is Paradise.”

And now, every morning, the man eats his breakfast and revels in his new found life in Paradise.

Many of us go through life looking for Paradise as some place outside of ourselves and our current conditions. In reality, Paradise is right here, right now.

It’s how we choose to look at things.

Take out a pen and paper and quickly list five things (events, people, places, items, it can be anything) you are thankful for. Think about each one of those things on your list and the positive impact it’s had on your life. Next time you are frustrated because you’re not living in “Paradise”, take a moment to be grateful, make a list and focus just for a few minutes on the positive. I’d like to know what’s on your list; feel free to post.


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