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Being Enough

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I enjoy reading. Last weekend, I downloaded a new book to my Kindle app – The Secrets Leaders Keep: Insightful Stories And Provocative Questions That Unlock The Hidden Secrets To Winning Big In Business And Life by AmyK Hutchens.

One of the stories is about Pip Martin, CEO, and explores the concept of being enough. “Every good person questions if they are enough. Every good person struggles to answer, yes.” Each of us can fill in the blank to the statement – I am not (smart, talented, creative, education, lucky, likeable, courageous, good looking,) enough. The author suggests we reflect on this question of being or having enough and ask, “Who would you be if you dropped these statements? Who or what in your life might “show-up” if you dropped them? What decisions in your life were driven by self-doubt rather than self-confidence?”

Difficult questions to ponder, don’t you agree?

You may recall the Greek philosopher, Socrates, was said to have asked, “What’s the benefit of answering a question with more questions?” People misinterpreted this over time and thought responding with questions was a means to avoid answering the original question. However, “avoidance” was not the intent of the Socratic methodology. It was to challenge our thinking and expand our perspective so we might gain greater understanding.

As managers, people look to us for the answers, and when we don’t have them, sometimes that little voice in our head says nasty things. To counter that little voice, I recommend the advice of Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. He suggests we begin to repeat “I am enough” silently to our self about 50 times each day. I have found it a useful tool.

We live in a land filled with abundance, and many times, we focus on what we lack, not what we have. My challenge to you this week is to be enough and have enough – and repeat the words several times a day. Then, come back and post your experience here.

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