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Wise Words On Listening to Each Other

Last week, I had the luxury of spending some vacation time with my husband, two of my siblings and their spouses. We all live in separate parts of the country and see each other about once a year.  We had some great conversations reminiscing about old times.  And I learned a couple of things I didn’t know about my family.  As I returned to work, it got me thinking about the act of listening to each other.   In today’s blog post, I want to share some of my favorite quotes about listening.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant. H. McGill

“Learn to be a good listener, your ears will never get you into trouble.” – Frank Tyger

“The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT.” – Alfred Brendel

Dr. John Gottman’s Skills for Active Listening (The Gottman Institute)

  1. Focus on being interested, not interesting
  2. Start by asking questions
  3. Look for commonalities
  4. Tune in with all your attention
  5. Communicate you are listening with a nod/sound
  6. Paraphrase what the speaker says
  7. Validate the speaker emotions
  8. Maintain eye contact
  9. Let go of your own agenda
  10. Turn off the TV

Post below and let me know if any of these quotes about listening resonate with you!

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