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What if…

You may be familiar with Mike Rayburn and his book, What If …? A colleague of mine heard Mike speak at a conference recently and brought back a synopsis of his work that I found intriguing.   Here is some of what Mike has to say:

Next time an opportunity comes along which seems awesome if it could happen, but nearly impossible to achieve, ask yourself, “What if I could, what would that look like”? Or within your team, “What if we could, what would that look like, how would it happen?” Answer the question and do not edit, just brainstorm.  This allows you to stop deifying problems and challenges and instead poke fun at them, to see problems as opportunities, and unlock your God-given creativity.

Here is what intrigued me. Could we apply this same line to how people communicate?  What if everyone was willing to speak up and speak their truth and everyone was willing to listen, really listen? What if we gave up judging others?  What if we gave up fault finding and blame?  I wonder what would happen.  This is my challenge for the next two weeks.  I will start asking myself what if when I listen to the person who is speaking and understand their point of view before I reply with mine.  It may be my team members, my family, and my friends.  I commit to listening for understanding.  Are you with me?  Post your response here and I will share my results in two weeks.

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