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What if… Part 3

In a recent workshop that I conducted, I included an exercise on listening. Participants formed pairs and were directed to choose who was going to be the speaker and who was going to be the listener for the first round.  Speakers could choose any subject to talk about for 60 seconds.  They could discuss what Read More

What if… Part 2

In my last blog post, I shared my intention to be a better listener and promised to discuss my results in two weeks. One experience sticks out in my mind.  I received a call from someone wanting something that I did not feel would be in the best interest of the company or the employees.  Read More

What if…

You may be familiar with Mike Rayburn and his book, What If …? A colleague of mine heard Mike speak at a conference recently and brought back a synopsis of his work that I found intriguing.   Here is some of what Mike has to say: Next time an opportunity comes along which seems awesome if Read More