Inspiring Thoughts from EAC

Dealing with Grief and Loss

We will all experience times of loss and sorrow in our lives. Over the last few weeks, I’ve worked with a few of our client companies to help their employees recover from the unexpected death of a coworker. As I’ve listened to people tell about their experiences, a few things consistently surface in the conversation; I wanted to take this opportunity to share these common themes.

  • Don’t wait to tell someone how much they are appreciated (coworker) or loved (family/friend).
  • If your “gut” tells you something isn’t right, follow your instincts.
  • The time table to process grief is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to feel.
  • Grief is a process, and you will discover a new normal. Be patient and gentle with yourself (and others) as you heal.
  • Reach out and talk to people. You don’t have to bear your sorrow alone. Talk to those who care about you (of course, you can always call your EAP).

Remember – grief is not easy; it takes time, patience, effort and support.  Eventually, though, the pain will lessen and allow you to go on with your life

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