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What will you do with your gift of today?

You are most likely familiar with the saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.  So what will you do with your gift of today? Will you allow the irritations like snarled traffic, long lines at the grocery store, rude baristas, or crabby children ruin your day?

While he was doing work in relaxation techniques, Dr. Charles Stoebel, asked a very interesting question:  How many frustrations does the average person face in a day?  His answer was 30 and he calls these mini-crises, heart hassles. It is our response to these hassles that will create the gift from our day. We will have an automatic response.  That being the case, why not train your response to be positive? Why not choose to laugh instead of getting upset? Why not choose a smile instead of a frown? What if you took a few deep breaths instead of spouting off a stream of expletives? If we make the most of our gift, it may inspire others to make the most of their gift. What an awesome chain reaction!

Here is your action to take this week. Observe your behavior today. What is one area where you could make a change? Is it smiling and thanking the rude clerk at the store? Is it smiling at the person on the other side of your office cubicle when they fail to speak to you? Is it choosing to be patient in a long slow moving line when you are in a hurry? Choose a small thing to work on and change your response.  Do the same thing tomorrow and the next day. Let me know how this works for you this week by posting your remarks below.

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