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Psst – Have You Heard the Latest?

So, have you heard…?  How many of us have used this line in the last week, 24-hours, 15 minutes?  We can all think of a dozen endings for that phrase, most of which don’t sound anything like something we’d want to have said about ourselves.  How much time and energy do people spend conveying hurtful gossip around your workplace or in your neighborhood?

What if, when we find ourselves at a juicy gossip crossroad, we choose to take the high road – we dig for a compliment.  It takes more effort than scratching for a bit of gossip, but put those muscles to use and you will have something else exciting to talk about – your bulging biceps.  Actively looking for the good in others will have an astonishing side-effect.  You just might be able to become aware of some good in yourself even beyond your now handsomely defined muscles. So go to work and dig, dig, dig.

Remember the advice of Lynn Andrews, international author and teacher: The person who upsets you the most is your best teacher, because they bring you face to face with who you are.

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