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The Simple Act of Gratitude

Last week, in the USA, we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Perhaps, you enjoyed some time with family and friends.  Maybe, you even gave some thought to all the good things in your life and expressed gratitude for these things.  Now, it’s a week later and your schedule has been jammed with work, family commitments, and extra holiday activities.  There is no doubt about it, life is BUSY, and it is hard to stop and say “thank you”.  Yet, the simple act of gratitude brings tremendous benefits.

Research suggests that we can improve our immune system by focusing on positive life experiences.  The research studied students and those who thought about someone they loved or a peak experience had an enhanced immune system function for six hours.  Let’s create a daily practice of gratitude instead of focusing on just being thankful one day a year.  At the end of the day, write down 3 to 5 things you are thankful for or good things that happened during the day.  As you write,  think about the event or the person and focus on the feeling of being grateful.  This simple practice will hard wire those good effects in your brain and make it easier for you to create positive energy.  Try it for a week and post your discoveries here.

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