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Dealing with Negative People at Work

Do you ever get frustrated by the negative people at work? You know them – the people who always complain, put others down and get everyone else into a blue funk.  As a result of their attitude and behavior, they create an environment where it is hard to be productive. You have probably done your best to ignore these folks. Or maybe you’ve tried to talk them into changing their attitude. Most likely, neither one has worked. Have you ever wondered if there is something different you can do? I believe there is.

It starts with changing your view.  Yes, it starts with you.  It would be great if there was a magic wand you could wave to make everyone pleasant to work amongst.  Here is how you can create the magic without the wand. First, recognize that everyone has a story and everyone has a reason for their behavior. Your job is not to diagnose, but just recognize. Next, appreciate the person they are and the unique gifts and talents they bring. You may have to dig deep to uncover what they bring to your team, your department, and your business. Third, show appreciation for those good things. Tell them how much that one attribute means to you, your department, and your business.  Thank them for bringing their uniqueness to the job. What I am suggesting is for you to choose a different focus when you notice their behavior. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is right. Release any attachment to changing their behavior. Just change yours.

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