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The Cost of Workplace Conflict

I found an interesting statistic about workplace conflict: according to the Gallup, $0.34 of every payroll dollar could be wasted dealing with or on account of workplace tension, mistrust and other inefficient behaviors. And this got me thinking…what does this look like? Maybe it starts as a minor disagreement with a colleague. The more we think about the situation, the more upset we become, and for many of us, it is natural to share our story with others. We explain the details to another co-worker and enlist them to take our side; after all, we would not be sharing if we agreed that person was right (but, in our mind they are wrong and it’s important for others to see that). We tell our story again and again to create support for our cause. So it goes, creating the proverbial mountain from the molehill. What can we do to stop the spread of mistrust? The first step we need to take is to become aware how often this takes place. According to author, Anna Maravelas, the behaviors that lead to mistrust are invisible and benign. Most of us go from assumption to emotion to behavior without a pause in-between. It takes discipline to stop the back story and focus on the problem, not the personality.


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