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What Story Do You Tell?

There is a sales mantra – facts tell, stories sell. In other words, telling the prospect a story to illustrate how someone was helped by your product or service is a great tool to use to close the deal. As humans, we are great storytellers. True, some people are better in front of an audience than others, but individually, we tell ourselves stories all the time. Our brains are busy analyzing the data taken in by our five senses. An event occurs and we create a story around it. For example, you get cut off in traffic. What story do you tell about the other driver? They are a lousy driver, you think of a choice name or two to call them, they shouldn’t be driving, etc. However, the fact of the matter is that we don’t know if the person is a good driver who just made a mistake or the kind of driver who cuts people off, tail gates, and drives recklessly. When we produce a story without knowing the truth, it can interfere with our enjoyment of life, especially when we tell the story over and over again. We focus on how upset the situation made us and it keeps us in a state of tension. So, the next time you find yourself inventing a story about an event that occurred, stop and ask yourself this question: is focusing on this story helping me feel good or is it creating tension and anxiety? If it is the latter, stop telling the story over and over again and focus on something that brings you peace and happiness.

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