Inspiring Thoughts from EAC

Progress not Perfection

Goal achievement is about PROGRESS not perfection.  Taking small steps every day will complete your goal.    Keep focused on the goal, not the obstacles.  If you let your mind focus on all the barriers, you will get more barriers. Just acknowledge them and then re-focus on the goal.  It can be helpful to think about why you want to _____ – insert your goal here.  Imagine what it will feel like.

Tony Robbins suggests memories are just feelings of past experiences.  We can create the same thing for future memories.  We can see the event happening in our minds’ eye.  We can feel the feelings.  We can create this memory and our mind does not know the difference.  We can live it over and over again and our brain will respond in kind.  So what do you imagine over and over?  Reaching the goal or falling short?

Imagine reaching the goal.

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