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Life Is A Series of Selling Situations

“Life is a series of selling situations.” A few years ago, I heard Patricia Fripp (professional speaker and coach) say this to her audience and I have found it to be true. Selling implies communicating; most of us in our every day life communicate often. Couple that with the statement I am sure you’ve heard: ‘people don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy’. When we try to sell our ideas, people tune us out. To avoid creating situations where people tune us out, we need to create a situation where people will buy. That means we need to listen for understanding. Listen to the other person to see the circumstances from their point of view. Put yourself in their shoes. Not easy! Most of the time we are trying to convince them that our idea is the right one.  Hence, we are trying to sell. What if we came from a place of service? A place of openness? What if we really listened to one another? Next time you want to sell your idea, listen to others, ask questions, and reflect back to them what you heard. Let me know what happens by posting a comment below.

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