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What Are You Chained To?

It was a beautiful summer day and two buddies were walking across a meadow.  As they walked along, they came across a rather large hole.  It was a curious sight; this large hole in this lovely meadow.  One of the fellows decided he’d like to know the depth of the hole.  So, he and his friend searched the immediate area and found a rock about the size of a softball, through it down the hole , and listened for it to hit bottom.  No sound emerged.  They concluded it was a pretty deep hole and needed a bigger rock so it would fall faster.  Again, they searched around and found a rock about the size of a basketball, lifted it together, and threw it into the hole.  They waited; they did not hear the rock hit bottom.  “Wow”, one exclaimed, “this hole must be really deep; we need something much bigger”.  They looked around and saw a copse of woods on their right side and proceeded to walk over to the woods.  They found a fallen log and thought it would be perfect to test the depth of the hole, so together they picked up the log, carried over to the hole, threw it in, then listened for the log to hit bottom.  As they stood over the hole, no sound emerged from the hole, but behind them across the meadow in the direction they had just walked, was a big commotion.  They looked behind them and saw a goat running as fast as it could toward them and the hole.  They jumped aside as the goat leaped into the hole and disappeared.  They stood in amazement, scratching their heads and wondering what just happened. Then,  a farmer appeared out of the woods and walked toward them.  When he was close enough for a conversation, the farmer asked the two friends if they’d seen a goat.  “Yes”, they responded.  “A goat just came running by them and leaped into the hole”.  “Oh”, the farmer said.  “That couldn’t have been my goat; my goat was chained to a log”.

What’s the moral of the story?  What we think about and focus on and talk about, we become.   Be careful of what you get chained to (negativity); it can pull you into a hole (failure).

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