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The "FUD Factor"

As a teenager, I remember playing the game “Truth or Dare.” The idea was that you had to share a secret – something true – or complete the dare – something scary and death defying.  OK, not really death defying, but an event that brought enough fear to the mind of the potential performer it made the prospect of sharing a deep, dark secret, attractive.

As adults, we often let fear stop us, from taking action to create the life of our dreams.  Several years ago, I was a member of a team who met annually for two days to complete a process called Best Year Yet.  It was at our meeting in 2007, the question was asked, “How do we limit ourselves”?  Joe Ward, one of our team members, eloquently described what he calls the FUD factor: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

We limit ourselves because we have fear, uncertainty and doubt.  That is what really holds people back.  I believe everything in our lives that we fail to complete can be traced back to one of the 3 – Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt.

When we allow Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to reign supreme in our lives, we cannot move forward.  We get stuck.   We are paralyzed. We have anything but our best year.  In his book, Good To Great, Jim Collins states that good is the enemy of great.  Many people and many organizations do good work.  Because of that goodness, we don’t take it to the level of greatness.  Each of us has FUD in our lives that keeps us from moving forward and accomplishing great things. The next step is to examine each area of the FUD factor and how it keeps us from being great. I’m curious to hear from you; what is your FUD and what will you do to eliminate it?

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