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What Habits Are You Choosing?

We live in a world of abundant choice.  One trip to the convenience store and you will find several varieties of snack foods and beverages.  Since we are creatures of habit, we often make the same choice.  This may be okay when we a talking about refreshments, but what about how we interact with people at work?

If we get along with everyone, our habitual response to our team members may not be a problem, but what about those people with whom we don’t get along?  If we continue to respond to them in the same manner, the relationship will not improve.  Remember, doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  If we want the situation to be different, we need to make a different choice.  Just for today, pay attention to how you interact with people at work.  For example, become aware of the habits you have when listening to others.  Are you listening so that you can respond? Are you pretending to listen? Or are you listening to understand? See what happens when you make the choice to listen to understand the other person, even when this person is someone with whom you dislike or don’t get along. What habit do you choose?

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