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Identifying "at-risk" employees

Recently, an industry article was published that brought to my attention a reminder about the core of what we do – identify at-risk employees.

When I say “at-risk”, I am referring to the worst kind — the angry, the domestically violent, the assaultive, and the homicidal variety.

A simple, formal, supervisory referral of a disgruntled employee for coming in too late and with it a visit to an EAP who knows your business organization’s work culture, could conceivably prevent a mass shooting.

The author of the article, Daniel Feerst, also states, “Supervisors are key to an EAP’s success, not the self-referral of employees to help lines.”

At the end of his article, Daniel gave a checklist of 31 ways employee assistance programs can save lives, and additionally, save your company a bunch of money.  Here are my top 10.

  1. Eliminating supervisor involvement with the personal problems of employees
  2. Intervening in the resolution of employee conflicts
    1.  Conflicts with Supervisors
    2.  Conflicts on Teams
    3.  Conflicts between Departments
  3. Improving attendance of employees
  4. Improving morale in the workplace
  5. Improving supervisory skills of leadership staff
  6. Helping prevent the dismissal of valuable employees
  7. Helping reduce employee turnover
  8. Helping employees improve productivity
  9. Helping to prevent workplace violence
  10. Managing and intervention with workplace crises to prevent larger impacts and adverse impact associated with their aftermath

If we are not supporting you and your company in this way, we need to talk.  Please give us a call today to see how we can help.

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