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Creating a New You

It’s almost a New Year and you may be thinking about creating a new you!  Many of us start each year full of promise.  We have all kinds of ideas and hopes for the months ahead.  We’re going to lose weight, quit smoking, stop swearing, be a better person … the list goes on and on.  By the end of March, we have lost our way; our hopes are dashed and we can no longer find the enthusiasm for the changes we set out to make three months earlier.  Let this year be different.  Here are some ideas to help you achieve your goals in 2013.

  1. Think in specific terms – not vague ideas.  What does it mean to be a better person?  One goal could be, “I’ll smile and say good morning to my family at the breakfast table each day.”
  2. Write down your goal.  Unless it is written down, it is just a wish or a dream – not a goal.  Remember this Chinese proverb:  the palest ink is better than the best memory. Besides, if you fail to write down your goal, you won’t be able to use the next idea.
  3. Keep your mind on your goal by reviewing it every day.  Post a note on your bathroom mirror or write it at the top of your “to do” list.
  4. Enlist the help and support of others.  Sometimes change is easier to make and maintain when we are part of a group of similarly focused people.

In their book, The Power of Five, authors Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. and Robert K. Cooper Ph.D., suggest at the end of each day you:

  1. Acknowledge today’s accomplishments.  Don’t let one set back stop you.
  2. Make specific plans for tomorrow.  How can it be different from today?
  3. Identify simple, healthy ways to have more fun.
  4. Choose to be the architect of your future.

Let 2013 be the year you achieve your goals!

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