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Beat The Summertime Blues

In the 50’s, Eddie Cochran crooned “But there ain’t no cure for the summer-time blues.” He was wrong In the heat of summer, it can be hard to maintain the focus and work toward reaching the goals we set last January. But it is possible. Fast forward to December 31. What do you want to look back on and say you’ve accomplished? Begin now to plan the day, the week and the month – the pathway to reach your destination at the end of the year. Here are seven tips to help:

1. Have intense desire – rocket fuel for your goal. The greater the yearning, the stronger the energy needed to arrive at our destination. Reflect on why you want to achieve success and re-rev your engine! Post your why in a place where you will see it every day, preferably several times a day (the bathroom mirror, inside your wallet, wallpaper on your computer or smartphone). Remembering why, can help re-energize you.

2. Write them down to tie them up. Write down two or three ways you can start moving toward your goal right now. When you think it – ink it! When you complete the action, check it off your list.

3. Bypass resistance…Gather assistance. Enlist a colleague to be your buddy. Goal buddies work for all kinds of plans and help keep us moving forward toward our destination. When we enlist the help of another, we create accountability to turn our desires into reality.

4. Use deadlines as lifelines. Break your goals into manageable steps. You want to run a marathon? Start with putting those running shoes on heading out the door and running a mile. Tomorrow make it two. Add a little more each day and soon you will be at your destination.

5. Look ahead to get ahead. Where do you want to be in 30, 60, 90 days? What about 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? A plan allows you to match our daily activities to the target you want to reach. When you are asked to serve on another committee you can decide if that action will help realize your purpose. If not, you can comfortably say “No.”

6. Mental Pictures – picture perfect in your head. See yourself already there. Let your minds eye picture what it is like to be a best selling author (or whatever your goal is). How will you act? Start today and take the actions that you will take when you make the New York Times best seller list.

7. The remaining 90% – Sheer persistence!!! Enjoy each step along the way. Too often people find that when they’ve finally reached the end they missed many opportunities along the way to enjoy the journey.

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