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Employee Assistance Programs

Nurturing Your People to Improve Your Organizational Health

At Pine Rest, we believe that when we support and cultivate the whole person, organizations, communities, families, students and individuals can thrive. Our Employee Assistance Programs combine a customizable suite of services, tools and resources to help your people address a multitude of wellbeing challenges. We don’t just offer these services; we work with you to increase utilization because programs that aren’t used are worthless.

In addition to providing individual employees with preventative care, outpatient services and a multitude of wellbeing resources, our team can provide your organization with:

Expert executive coaching

Facilitated team building

Wellness initiatives

Targeted marketing support

Benefit orientations

Mid-year utilization reviews

Trainings that are focused, relevant, and reflective of your needs

Customizable Packages For Diverse Organizations

Our Unique Approach Makes a Difference

At Pine Rest, we’re healers first. Our 110+ years in healthcare and mission drive us to meet people where they are and assist them during challenging times so they can recover and be their best selves at work, school, home and in the community. 

We want you to use your EAP benefits!

High utilization is our goal, and we will work diligently to help you achieve the desired results.

Exclusive Continuing Care Pledge.

Allows employees to maintain their therapist after their free counseling sessions have concluded.

Accessing our services is fast and easy.

We can activate services within minutes in urgent situations.

Same day mental health care.

Pine Rest provides same-day mental health counseling using our Psychiatric Urgent Care Center.

Largest Continuum of Behavioral Health Care.

Sometimes employees need services that are not included in their EAP. We can get you there through Pine Rest’s full continuum of mental health services.

National leader in best practices and research.

Pine Rest is recognized as a national leader in clinical research and establishment of best practices in behavioral health care.

Michigan-based & dedicated to supporting Michigan communities.

When partnering with Pine Rest, you will find local clinics staffed with people who care. Additionally, if your organization has employees outside the area, we have the ability to provide services nationally.


EAP services are not simply a product to us. We are supporting and healing PEOPLE with our own human touch by going out of our way to make sure all our clients’ needs are properly cared for.

Client Success Stories

Marcie Ver Beek, Human Resources Director, Ottawa County

The Pine Rest EAP team has taken care of our employees as if they were their own, and we have received outstanding customer service from every Pine Rest employee we have come in contact with.”

Ottawa County saw a 400% increase in EAP utilization in the first year, and the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive.”


This event meets online & in person.

Prevent… Assess… Prepare | EAP Conference

Tuesday, 08/13/2024
8:30 am - 11:00 am
Pine Rest Postma Center, Building C, Entrance C2

This EAP conference, facilitated by Jason Russell, Founder and President of Secure Environment Consultants, examines workplace violence prevention and behavioral threat assessment, as well as active violence preparedness. Free to attend.

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This event meets online & in person.

Create a Welcoming Workplace | EAP Conference

This event has already occurred.
Pine Rest Postma Center, Building C, Entrance C2

This EAP conference explores key strategies and accommodations to support neurodiverse team members, as well as discuss practical ways of creating LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces and communities. Free to attend. Sessions led by Emily White, LMSW, BCBA, LBA and Grace Wenk, LMSW, MPA.

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Interested in learning more about EAP for your business or organization? Request a Proposal.