Thoughts From Our Director

Top 6 Communication Annoyances

Did you know that of all workplace problems, communication is the most frequently cited as a complaint among workers–employees and managers alike? How many on the following list apply to you? 1. While communicating with others, you appear distracted by texting, picking up and straightening your office, or fiddling with other duties and responsibilities. (The Read More

Civility Matters

A recent study conducted by the University of Florida, studied 24 medical teams in Israel, one doctor and two nurses. The teams participated in a training simulation with a case study presenting an infant with symptoms consistent with decaying intestines. The team had to make the proper diagnosis and subscribe the correct treatments. Half the Read More

Fostering Trust in the Workplace

My last blog post revolved around creating a sense of belonging and significance for employees.  This is done by having a positive work culture.  There are many ways to create a positive work culture, but one of those key components is trust.  Trust develops when we are open with one another. During the summer of Read More

Is Excellence One of Your Habits?

In my last blog post, I repeated a work of fiction about a teacher who changed her approach to change the life of a child. Even though the story was based on a variety of events and didn’t actually happen as told, we can all learn from it.  As Will Durant taught us, “We are what we Read More

Are You Making a Difference?

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I do a lot or reading and listening to inspirational messages. Yesterday, I heard this story (again) and was reminded (again) of the importance to be kind to each other. The story explains how a fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Thompson, noticed on the first day of Read More

Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on my aunt and uncle’s farm. They didn’t farm, but rather leased their land to a neighbor.  They had a big garden, six apple trees, a grape arbor and lots of space to play and run.  They also had a tractor and as a Read More

It’s All About Relationships

“Relationships surround us, confound us and sometimes lead to our defeat”, says Al Ritter in his book the 100/0 Principle. Think about the last time you had a disagreement with someone at work.  It doesn’t matter if it was your boss, a colleague, a vendor or a customer; most likely, you felt angry and frustrated. Read More