Thoughts From Our Director

Are You Ready For The Worst?

As an EAP, we respond when disaster strikes – the death of an employee due to a traffic accident, suicide of an employee, serious injury from an industrial accident, an employee receiving a life threatening diagnosis are just a few examples of the situations that we have been called upon to help employers. We know having Read More

To Review or Not to Review…That is the Question (Part I)

Over the last several years, controversy has raged among human resource professionals regarding the value of performance appraisals. One opinion is that they are a waste of time and resources – an old school, out dated method of giving employees feedback.  Others see them as a valuable tool to help focus the discussion on job Read More

Define Your Expectations

Did you know that when you have clearly defined, well communicated expectations, you will be happier and more successful than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized? As we approach the end of another year, it is always a good time to assess our goals and accomplishments, and this can include expectations.  At work, there Read More

Bridging the Communication Gap – Part II

We all have expectations about situations we encounter. We expect our computer to function when we turn it on.  We expect the barista to great us with a smile when taking our order.  We expect our order at the drive-thru to be accurate.  When there is a gap between what we expect and what really Read More

Bridging the Communication Gap – Part I

One of my favorite quotes is by George Bernard Shaw – “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.” If you reflect on all the conversations you’ve had over the past few days, I would imagine you’ve been misunderstood, or you’ve misunderstood someone else at least once. One of the Read More

Is Excellence One of Your Habits?

In my last blog post, I repeated a work of fiction about a teacher who changed her approach to change the life of a child. Even though the story was based on a variety of events and didn’t actually happen as told, we can all learn from it.  As Will Durant taught us, “We are what we Read More