Inspiring Thoughts from EAC

Change Your Thoughts

  “Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale   By: Karen R. Thompson, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – Did you know that you can change the way you feel by changing your thoughts?  This is the basic premise of Cognitive Therapy, which focuses on helping individuals shift out Read More

Balanced Emotions – A Spectrum Scale

By Cynthia May, MA, LLP, EAC Clinical Specialist – We all have many positive and admirable characteristics that enrich our close relationships.  But did you know that the overuse of a positive quality can become negative?  It can become destructive and crippling. And of course, the opposite, is true as well.  Under-use of a positive Read More

HOT Topics During Holiday Gatherings

By: Steve Gainey, MA, LLP, ADS, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – Are you starting to think about holiday get-togethers and dreading the conversations that might arise?  The uncle who is or is not against vaccines, the cousin who brings up politics on every occasion and makes their opinions loud and clear, the gossip about the Read More

Nature Reduces Stress Levels

By: Karen R. Thompson, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – If you are looking for a simple way to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression – take a walk in the woods!  Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and increase overall feelings of well-being. There is a growing Read More

What Do You Really Want?

By Cynthia May, MA, LLP, EAC Clinical Specialist – Has anyone ever asked you “what do you want?” And did you have an answer? (Okay, besides winning millions in the lottery.) Knowing the true answer to that question can change the direction of your whole life. You’ll have the direction to manifest the experience you Read More

Archetypes and What We Can Learn From Them

By: Steve Gainey, MA, LLP, ADS, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – An archetype is a representative example of something and may be used as a default mental image. In personality, they are universal models of people, behavior, or personality that plays a role in influencing our human behavior. Carl Jung was well known for working Read More

Changing the Mindset: What is Normal?

By: Natalie Parker, Lead Intake Specialist – The PBS series, Mysteries of Mental Illness, was recently recommended to me and as someone that works in the mental health field, I found it to be enlightening and informative. The series, especially in episode two, explores what is considered normal and examines the labels and stereotypes within Read More

Healthy Co-Parenting with an Ex

This is a guest post provided by EAC’s partner, Workplace Options (Tatiana Miller – Senior Account Manager).  Permission to re-post has been given. The most comprehensive learning for children occurs through their senses. What they hear, they repeat; what they see, they mimic; what parents model to them become the child’s behavior patterns. When parents Read More