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By: Steve Gainey, MA, LLP, ADS, CAADC, EAC Clinical Specialist – October is National Depression Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to understand more about the disease, to recognize the symptoms, and to focus on the resources available. According to The American Psychiatric Association, “Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects Buy Diazepam Reviews

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By: Nanette Kerwick, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC EAC Clinical Specialist – September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month – an opportunity to raise awareness about suicide and highlight the resources available. Did you know that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US (pre Covid-19)? For every successful suicide, 25 were attempted. It is Cheapest Valium Online Buy

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This is a guest post provided by EAC’s partner, Workplace Options.  Permission to re-post has been given. What are microaggressions? “You speak English very well.” (To a person who was born in the U.S.) “You’re so articulate.” (To a Black person) “What are you?” (To a person with brown skin color) “You must be good at Discount Valium Online

Valium Online Reviews

By: Nanette Kerwick, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC EAC Clinical Specialist — Do you wonder what the word therapy or counseling really means? Do you feel uncomfortable with the thought of talking to someone about your personal business? While there are stories about people who have been wronged by a therapist, most therapists are trustworthy and take Buy Real Valium Online

Valium Cheapest

By: Cynthia May, MA, LLP, EAC Clinical Specialist — Feeling unsettled lately? Our comfort zone and sense of “normal” daily structure has been disrupted now by months of various changing restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and observable racial injustices of our policing & court systems.  We watch many grassroots protests with emotional consequences.  Trying to Buy Diazepam Nz

Buy Valium Mastercard

By: Karen Thompson, LMSW, CEAP, CAADC, SAP, EAC Clinical Specialist — “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” –Elizabeth Edwards Never in recent history has society been transformed as extensively as it has done under influence of COVID-19.    What is currently happening around the world Buy 1000 Valium Online